Major Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Whiteboards

Since the invention of whiteboards, they have been widely used in schools as well as in colleges for teaching students and delivering lectures. Their use is not limited to schools only. You will come across a number of different offices or hospitals where the use of whiteboards is quite common. Because of their wide uses, you will see many people buying whiteboards online since it is the most convenient way of shopping these days. Apart from their use for educating students these whiteboards are also used in homes for playing different games.  

Advantages of whiteboards  

One of the biggest reasons why you must buy magnetic boards from web is that they are better and more helpful when it comes to delivering lectures. The markers made by the whiteboard marker stay longer as compared to the chalk makers which disappear gradually. This will also make it easier for the teacher to deliver her lecture on time.  

Another important reason why you must prefer porcelain whiteboards is that they cause no sort of pollution. Most of the whiteboards are made up of biodegradable materials which make them the ideal choice for teaching purposes. 

Another great advantage of getting whiteboards is that they can be used for projecting video and important lectures. This is because most of the whiteboards have glass surfaces that reflect the projector light easily hence making it easier for students to study in class.  

Another advantage that the whiteboards have over the conventional chalkboards is that they are easier to use. When you use a whiteboard you can easily write on it without getting your hands dirty. Compared to that when you use a chalkboard it becomes hard for you to write properly because sometimes the chalk might break in the middle of your writing. Secondly, the chalk also makes your hands dusty and dirty which can be quite annoying sometimes.  If you are interested about autex quietspace acoustic panels you can visit

Disadvantages of whiteboards 

Although there are many advantages associated with using the whiteboards there are some disadvantages as well. If you are using a whiteboard then you must make sure that your whiteboard market is not permanent. Using a permanent whiteboard marker can leave permanent marks on the board which can make it hard for you to use the board for future learning purposes. Another problem related to the use of whiteboards is that they often cuss vision problems due to their highlighted effect which is caused by the reflection of light. This can make it hard for some of the students to see properly especially those that have weak eyesight.  

Despite the disadvantages the whiteboards are still widely used in the schools as well as in the offices because they are a very convenient way of teaching the students.  

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