How To Use Dry Herb Vaporizer


Here we will discuss about the use of the best dry herb vaporizer so that one could get idea about the proper use of it in somehow details:

  • First of all you have to grind or crush the Herb you want to be used into a fine powder otherwise the flavour of that herb could not be extracted from the ARIZER solo vaporizer or any other kind of vaporizers like beaker bong or bong accessories. So the first step of using the best dry herb vaporizer is grinding or crushing the desired herb into a fine powdered form.
  • There will be a special chamber to be filled with the desired help or a cavity in the body of the vaporizer whether it is ARIZER solo vaporizer or any other vaporizer even beaker bong or bong accessories you have to fill it completely with the desired herbs which has been crushed into fine powder. You must not overfill the Chamber of the cavity as there must be a little space for the passage of air from there otherwise its functioning will be affected. After filling it just close the chamber tightly.
  • After crushing the dry herb or feeling it into the chambers now it’s time to burn or heat it up according to the type of the vaporizer you are being used for this purpose. It will take some time According to the type of the vaporizer you are using at the time For example in the case of ARIZER solo vaporizer it will take initially 3 minutes to heat up the dried herb up to the desired temperature and the temperature can also be adjusted according to your need and choice.
  • After heating it up according to the instructions Now it is the time to check it out that rather the dried herb is properly heated and flavoured or not. For this purpose you have to take all little sip or taste of the help by placing your lips on the mouthpiece and then having a little inhaling the little cloud after small into your lungs and feel the flavour of the dried herb. This will help you out and determining the functioning and stability of the vaporizer that whether it is working properly or not.
  • After 1 or 2 seconds of inhaling you have to exhale dark of the smoke from your lungs in order to check out the functionality of the ARIZER solo vaporizer or the beaker bong.
  • Now if you see that and their dad help is heated a properly and giving a proper and accurate flavour to you on inhaling then turn off the heat and Enjoy the flavour of the dried herb until it is finished as if the heat is continued to be produced and is not turned off then there will be a risk of over burning after dried herb and will ultimately the taste of the herb will be get bitter.
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