Everything You Need To Know About Yacht Antifouling

yacht antifouling

Antifoul is a term used to describe a substance that prevents the growth of. The procedure of adding a protective paint covering to the bottom of your yacht antifouling to protect it against marine growth is known as antifouling.

What is the point of Yacht Antifouling?

Ocean and marine debris can collect on the bottom of your hull if you keep your boat floating. The spread of algal species can have a big impact on your hull’s performance and fuel economy. Heavy hull growth can reduce speed by 5 mph and boost the consumption of fuel by more than 30%.

Is it necessary for me to Antifoul on a regular basis?

Antifouling should be done on a regular basis depending on how your yacht is used and stored. Every year, boats that live afloat or are used often should be evaluated to see whether they need to be reapplied. Yacht antifouling may be required every other year for boats that reside onshore and have also been washed down. Once your boat gets ashore, the crew at The Boat Clinic can inspect it and provide you with an expert assessment.

What makes Antifouling Paint so unique?

Yacht antifouling paint isn’t the same as regular paint for the walls of your house! Contemporary antifoul paint is a unique chemical blend that contains iron and bio toxins to prevent sea creatures from growing. Different antifouls are available depending on the composition of your hull, the kind of hull, and the liquid level you sail on. Ask us if you’re unsure which paint you’ll need.

Is one coat enough for me? Two layers of paint? Starting over?

The quantity of antifoul paint required will be determined by the hull’s state. If you antifoul your boat once a year, you will probably only need one coat. If the hull hasn’t been antifouled in a while, two coatings may be required.

So, what’s the plan?

Antifouling is a nasty and messy process, and boat owners frequently prefer to leave it to the specialists! The real kicker is that we can take care of it for you! Antifouling is a nasty and exhausting process, so let us do it for you. Our yacht antifouling package includes 7 days of free onshore storage and the antifouling you need. You won’t have to worry about cradle patches either; our staff will make sure they’re fixed before the release.

The Boat Clinic team are antifouling specialists, so please contact us if you have any queries or would like some helpful hints or guidance. We also provide boat detailing in Melbourne and many other services with respect to boat. So get in touch with us for yacht antifouling, boat detailing and some other services.

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